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(foreword from Hippocrates brochure, by Director Brian Clement)


"Four decades ago, Ann Wigmore, visionary and humanitarian, planted a concept based on the wisdom of the founder of modern medicine, Hippocrates: "Let food be your medicine".


Together with the brilliant mind of another kindred thinker, Viktorias Kulvinskas, they nurtured that seed and created a comprehensive institute that taught people to draw from their vast inner resources the power to transform the quality of their lives. The commitment to this idea is embodied in what is now the Hippocrates Health Institute.


To achieve this, the Institute is committed to fostering a pure, enzyme-rich vegetarian lifestyle, complemented with positive thinking as a path to optimum health; a deep respect and appreciation for the natural order of life and an awareness of our inter-connectedness with every living being on our planet. In keeping with the belief that these universal principles transcend conventional boundaries, the Institute faithfully maintains a link with members of its ever-growing international community, supporting their efforts to be vibrant examples of the Hippocrates lifestyle".


Are you thinking of visiting the Hippocrates Health Institute in Florida, USA? Give me a call or send me an email - as a Hippocrates Health Educator, I can give you some guidance in making your decision. Also, please mention my name “Jill Swyers” when booking at Hippocrates and then let me know – I have a voucher code redeemable at Hippocrates! I would love to hear from you.                                              

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