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JILL SWYERSLiving Foods for Health


Classes and workshops are held frequently at different venues and in various countries. A typical workshop will comprise a practical demonstration of the preparation of dishes, with questions and answers on the principles of this health-giving diet, as prescribed by the Hippocrates Health Institute, Florida USA. 

Sprouting, preparation of vegetable juices and techniques for dehydrating foods are also covered.

You may be interested in holding a workshop in your home, inviting friends and others to participate who are also interested in learning about this revolutionary 


* wishes to improve their energy and health

has not yet been to Hippocrates Health Institute, but is considering going

has been to Hippocrates Health Institute, and now may need help and encouragement!

needs to understand what Raw & Living Foods mean

needs to understand body balance of nutrition, i.e. protein, fats, carbohydrates, sugars, etc.

wishes to learn where you get your enzymes from

needs to know what to use if products / foods are not available

needs reminding of what has already been learnt

needs to add to their present lifestyle

needs to know what food to eat

needs help, even though still eating cooked food

needs help with Addictions

wishes to learn about hydrating foods, green protein juices, wheatgrass, sprouts, superfoods and more!

It is all about going "One Step at a Time". No - we do not stop or give up - we learn to go at our own pace! Jill can provide answers and guidance to aid in your progress! 



A Master Class features:

* All about the wonders of wheatgrass
* Juicing for fun and health
* How to sprout successfully
* Delicious dehydrated foods such as cookies/crackers
* New recipes and new ideas
* Delicious savoury dishes and desserts

A light lunch is included to try out just a few of the dishes that may be created to enjoy and maintain optimum health, both inside and out.

Group & Individual Classes:
* Planning and organising Living Foods
* Creative Food Preparation
* Preparing Raw Foods & Juices
* Presenting Vegan Live Food
* Food Preparation Techniques
* Sprouting and Wheatgrass Juicing
* Gourmet Culinary Arts

* Restaurant Consultancy
* Training for Chefs and Staff

Residential Courses are held regularly at various venues. For details, see Residential Courses page.

For details of forthcoming workshops and course dates, just click on the 
Agenda page.

For information on prices or to for a workshop/course to be held in your area, contact me on 

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If you would like me to give a class to your group, friends, family, etc. please do contact me to discuss dates

Tel.: +44 (0)7768 081376                                        +351 917 647 043


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